How Brainy SLP came to be?

I have been in the trenches! In fact, I still am since I still treat patients everyday! For over 17 years, I have been living and breathing speech therapy. I have a passion for helping adults improve their functional communication skills. Throughout my journey as an SLP, I was always searching for new materials, fresh content, evidence based practices, attending CEU courses and staying on top of all of it in order to do my best everyday for my patients.

Is this time consuming? Yes, extremely time consuming! I spent a lot of my own personal time trying to stay current and provide quality care to every patient. Fresh materials always make me excited for my sessions and help me be the best SLP I can be! I always wondered...wouldn’t it be nice to have quality materials nicely organized into one place to be able to treat an adult patient caseload?

I worked in a hospital based setting for many years including acute care, inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab. More recently, I have been providing services in my private telepractice which focuses on the adult population. I quickly realized that there is even more of a need to have teletherapy ready materials for adults. I spent a lot of time transitioning to a digital format and I wanted to provide a clean, polished solution to my fellow SLPs that can be utilized for teletherapy or in person sessions.  I wanted to provide visually appealing materials specifically designed with the adult patient population in mind. I have taken into consideration different diagnoses and severities for your caseload that may include: stroke, brain injury, Parkinson's, aphasia, dysarthria or cognitive linguistic impairments. Most importantly, providing materials targeting practical skills that impact our patient's lives.

I hope that Brainy SLP makes your SLP life simpler and easier!

Meet our leadership

Brainy SLP was developed by an SLP for SLPs in collaboration with an IT team allowing us to bring this innovative solution to you.

Monica Vital
Owner & CEO

Monica received her Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology in 2005.  She completed the medical specialty track during her Master's studies and became a medical SLP in clinical practice at a hospital setting for over 15 years.  In 2020, she founded a private practice focusing on teletherapy for the adult population.  She continues to use her clinical expertise treating patients everyday.  Monica created Brainy SLP providing digital speech therapy materials for SLPs who treat adults with a range of neurological diagnoses impacting communication.  Brainy SLP was developed from a practicing SLP’s perspective aiming at providing quality materials that can be used in therapy with patients everyday.